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Steamy Tech's StrataGears combines layers of strategy with a revolutionary mechanic.  Play alone or beat your friends. 

Simply add gears to the train to see who can add the last working gear to the board.  Many exciting variations, including adding gears up to 3 layers high.

One version starts with drawing a gear to identify the starting and placing it on the board.  Then the fun begins with players alternating turns and adding pieces to the board making sure that the gear train continues to work.  The game ends when the last player successfully adds a gear to the board.

Or, use a starting gear and a target gear and connect the chains together.  Use the included blocking walls to stop your friend from completing the chain.

Each package includes:

  • Game board with a carrying box
  • 24 gears in various sizes that mesh together on the board
  • 3 sets of stacked gears to expand the game play to multiple layers
  • Screws and nylon nuts
  • Instructions

The gears come in bare wood just as they come off the laser.  Feel free to decorate them with stain or sharpies to make your own StrataGears game unique to you.

Strata Gears Kit

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