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The Box of Making: Construction Edition

Are you an inventor? Is the first thing you do is throw away the instructions? Are you always coming up with ideas for things to make?

If any of these things describe you, then the Box of Making: Construction Edition is for you!  

With The Box of Making: Construction Edition you get more than a fun project to make every month. You get a construction set that you can use to build anything you can imagine.  Once you have made our included project, you're not done.  You can take it apart and make your own creation with the parts.  Each month's box will introduce new concepts and new types of parts. So the projects you invent will become more and more complex!  Whether it's gears to spin, wooden hinges, or other complex parts, the limit is always your imagination.

How does it work?  Each month we bill you only $39.95 and you receive the next box in the set.  It will include all the pieces and hardware needed to build 1 complete project.  You can combine the new pieces and parts from each project to build something totally new. 

Interested?  Click the button below to subscribe. No long term commitments required. Cancel anytime.


Coming Soon!

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