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The Box of Making

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What is The Box of Making?

The Box of Making is a DIY wooden craft subscription box.

Who is it for?

The Box of Making is for anyone who is interested in crafts or DIY projects.

What kind of crafts will there be in The Box of Making?

Every craft is carefully designed and engineered by our in-house artists, Greg and Lora Price. For a better understanding of what kind of crafts we make, please visit our 'Past Projects' page.

What's included?

Each box includes everything you need to build the projects: glue, sandpaper, tools, art supplies, spare hardware, and video instructions! 


Unique Projects

1 specially designed projects for each box.  Created around a theme and imagined into reality just for the Box of Making.

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Kinetic Crafts

Steamy Tech loves gears.  Most boxes will have at least one geared item for you to make.  You'll create beautiful kinetic items to proudly display or give as amazing gifts.

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Art Materials

Everything you need to build your box is included, even our personalized art supplies.

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About the Box of Making

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