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November 2017 - Winter Fun!

Project #1 - The Box of Secrets

The Box of Secrets gives you two special encoders to use to send secret messages to your friends.  Build one for yourself and give one to a friend to make sure those messages stay safe and secure.

Project #2 - Snowflake Ornament

The holidays are coming and whatever holidays you celebrate, we think this snowflake will make the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Project #3 - Tree Ornament

The Tree Ornament gives you a simple decoration to add to your holiday decorations.

Project #4 - Geared Lamp

Add some light to those dark winter days with our geared lamp.  This one will take some work to decorate and put together, but it will be well worth the effort.  You'll end up with a lamp you built with a beautiful Edison light bulb inside.

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