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March 2018 -
Planetary Gears

Project #1 - Spiral Drawing Set

 Like the toys of our childhood, this three gear spiral drawing set allows you to draw mandalas and then color them. 

Project #2 - Classic Coaster

 Steamy Tech's classic planetary gear coaster has been a favorite since we launched it at the very beginning of the company.  In this box, we included the classic coaster, plus 2 more of our favorites. 

Project #3 - Two-Layer Coaster

 Our two-layer coaster has been a favorite since we started selling it last year.  Until this box, it was our most complicated product and one everyone loves. 

Project #4 - Three-Layer Coaster

 Finally, we created the three-layer coaster.  We knew we could do it, but it's been created just for the Box of Making.  This is the only way to make your own three-layer coaster. 

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