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Steamy Tech Experiences

Do you want to own an incredible Steam Tech motorized contraption?

Do you want to say you made it yourself?

Then you need to join us for a Steamy Tech Experience!

What is it?  

A Steamy Tech Experience is your chance to make your own Steamy Tech Project.    Join us in the Steamy Tech Secret Laboratory for a day of making.  During that day we'll help you build the project you selected.  You'll get to:

  • Watch the laser run to cut your customized pieces,

  • Decorate the parts of your project,

  • Assemble the electronics, wood  pieces, gears, and  motors to build your own unique piece of Steamy Tech art,

  • And then help customize the software to have it do exactly what you want.

Whether you do it alone or invite some friends to join you for the day, you will enjoy a truly unique experience in making.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at $1500 for an entire day of making with you (and up to 5 friends.)  Contact us for more information and we'll get you started.

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